Penis Enlargement Pictures


Penis jelq

1. Warm up the penis and make it semi erect but flexible.

2. Apply a lubricant to your hands and penis (e.g. olive oil).

3. Massage the oil into the skin.

4. Place one of your hands at the base of the penis and use your forefinger and thumb to form an O shape around the penis with a loose grip.

5. Move the O shape slowly (take about 2 s) along the length of the penis until you reach the base of the head, loosen your grip and return the O shape back to the start.

6. In the beginning repeat 50 times.

7. After a few months increase the number of repeats (e.g. up to a few hundred if desired) and tighten your grip.

Penis Stretch

1. Warm up the flaccid penis.

2. Hold it just below the head and gently pull it away from the body for 10 seconds in different directions.

3. As the penis becomes more flexible (after a few months) you can turn this stretch into a slow rotation so that the penis is stretched away from you in all directions.

Penis Stretch (Advanced)

1. When you are fully confident with the other exercises and have noticed that the penis has become much more flexible (this may take up to 6 months) use this exercise.

2. Apply the just below horizontal penis stretch as normal.

3. Simultaneously use your other hand to apply pressure to the bottom third of the penis.

Penis Massage

1. Place one of your hands on the underside of the penis at its base (where it goes into the pelvic cavity).

2. Use your fingers to massage and pump the root of the penis. Your other hand should be placed higher up on the penis above the testacies and used to pump the middle of the penis.

3. Alternate the squeeze of each hand you will feel the penis being pumped.

Scrotum Massage

1. Gently stretch and massage the scrotum skin between the forefinger and thumb of each hand. This is easier if you use a hand cream or better still Olive oil.

2. Hold the upwards penis stretch as already shown and at the same time gently pull the scrotum downwards. Do not pull hard and only use this exercise if you want your testicles to hang lower.

3. Gently roll each testicle in between the thumb and forefingers of the left and right hands respectively.

4. After getting used to step 3 gently pull each testicle away from the body and at the same time massage your thumbs and forefingers along the spermatic cord leading to each testicle (you will feel a cord like tube under the skin). In the beginning you will probably be very sensitive and it may take some time to apply anything more than a very soft touch.

5. Observe the results of each session and decide for yourself if you like the results!

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